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Ready to choose courage over comfort?

What I currently offer to empower you to choose courage over comfort (till January 2022): 

Fail Forward®

Are you scared of failing? Are you stuck in your comfort zone because getting out feels too risky? Do you admire people who go for what they want even if that means failing along the way? 

Did you answer one of these questions with 'Yes'?? Then Fail Forward® is for you!

Fail Forward® is an experiential methodology to help you change your perspective on failing and develop your fail resilience. 

It can be facilitated in educational and professional settings and is suitable for work with individuals of all ages, educators (coaches, facilitators, teachers,...), teams and organizational leaders.

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Co-active coaching

Do you want to get the most out of life and yourself? Are you longing for balance between being and doing because life is more than a to do list? Would you like a safe space where you can deal with life challenges? 

Did you answer one of these questions with 'Yes'? Co-active coaching is for you! 

Co-active coaching is a way of effectively empowering people to find their own answers & encouraging and supporting them on their path to make live-giving and life-changing choices. 

Would you like to discover what coaching can do for you? Book your free 30 minute session right now! 

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About Me

Hi! Welcome to my virtual home!


I am Ann Daniels, a 44 year old Belgian/Flemish facilitator of learning. I facilitate learning processes within the Erasmus+ Programme and the Daring Way TM curriculum based on the research of Dr. Brené Brown.


I am one of the founders of the Fail Forward movement that supports educators and young people in exploring their fail perspective and developing their fail resilience.

Beside that I am also a Cerified Profession Co-active Coach and while we are in a pandemic all my coachings and facilitations happen online. For now at least till January 2022 this will be the case. 

I love reading, especially thrillers. I cannot imagine a life without chocolate (yes, I am a real Belgian!), Adele's music, notebooks and kitchen tables to meet interesting people at. My favourite color is red (did you already guess that?)


My biggest dream is to write and publish a book on 'Fail Forward'. During my Co-active coaching training I was encouraged to fail because it is just as important to learn from what doesn't work as it is to learn what does.   That experience changed my whole perspective on failing and I have been on a mission to encourage people to see failing as part of living and learning ever since. 

That's my story. I am very curious about yours, so feel free to contact me to have a chat in person or via Zoom! I look forward to hearing from you!    

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